Has real spring finally arrived?

river rocks
River rocks near the Lemhi River are almost free from their cocoon of ice and snow. (© Cindi Christie/Cyanpixel)

I often see a graphic describing the many seasons of Idaho and other states that have a real winter. Fool’s spring? Second winter? Snow is giving way to brown grass with a hint of green trying to emerge. Tempting plants have started arriving at the local nurseries and hardware stores. Local gardeners who are much more serious than I about growing veggies and flowers are busy giving this year’s crops a head start in their hoop houses. No matter which winter stage we’re experiencing, even though it is officially spring, we can only complain that there wasn’t enough snow to make the sub-zero temperatures worth it. This area, along with much of the West, needs moisture. Spring’s promise is strong this week, but not strong enough to put a shovel in the ground. Maybe April will bring some showers.


I am a photojournalist and photo editor in eastern Idaho.

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