Frosty morning

Icy ornaments melt from the needles of a pine tree on Sept. 24, 2017, in Salmon, Idaho. (© 2017 Cindi Christie/Cyanpixel)


Ice and frost coat the spa cover. (© 2017 Cindi Christie/Cyanpixel)

The weather app reported that it was 28 degrees this morning here in Salmon, Idaho. As the sun cleared the mountains, it was time to quickly grab a camera and photograph the frosty landscape while it lasted.

The Norwegians say that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Having grown up in Minnesota, I am very familiar with being prepared for the change in seasons. We’d take one weekend and swap out our summer wardrobes for clothing more suitable for fall and winter. Then we’d sweat through that final heat wave with shorts and T-shirts out of easy reach until springtime. Warmer weather is forecast.


A web covering juniper branches becomes icy lace. (© 2017 Cindi Christie/Cyanpixel)








I am a photojournalist and photo editor in eastern Idaho.

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